Why Vote Yes?

What is it?

  • The City of Marietta will vote on November 5, 2013 on a $68 million bond to redevelop and revitalize parts of our city.
  • $64 million will be designated to redevelop the Franklin Road corridor.
  • $4 million will go towards the improvement and beautification of Whitlock Avenue.

Why is it needed?

  • For decades, the magnitude of the problem on Franklin Road has been too large to attract private dollars and continues to get worse.  This bond will be leveraged to attract private investment.
  • There are multiple violent and drug related arrests on Franklin Road every week.  This high concentration of crime has driven employers and jobs out of the city, hindered the recruitment of new businesses and threatens families living along the corridor.
  • The high crime rate on Franklin Road is having a dramatic impact on our schools and threatening our established neighborhoods.

Will it help the local economy?

  • Yes! Revitalization of Franklin Road will attract new businesses to Marietta.  This corridor is located between two exits on I-75, in close proximity to I-285, and nearly adjacent to two institutions of higher learning, thus providing a prime opportunity for attracting new industry and jobs.
  • Reducing crime in Marietta through revitalization of our most troubled corridor will benefit schools and increase property values.
  • Marietta Housing Authority will work with families to find safe, affordable and stable housing options.

VOTE YES to reduce crime, encourage new business investment, improve schools, and increase property values! 

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